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Advantages Of Basal Implants

Date :23-Aug-2016

One of the biggest revolutions made in the history of dentistry is basal implants. These are used to fix the teeth without conducting bone grafting or bone augmentation. The aim of these implants is to restore the teeth even in the worst cases. Due to their unique structure and size, basal implants can restore the actual teeth structure even if there are no teeth.

There are basically two types of basal implants- one is the Basal osseointegrated implants and the other is the basal cortical implant. Both the implants are placed using local anaesthesia and key-hole technique, and once the implant is fixed, the doctor goes for a dental X-ray to check the exact position and alignment of the implant. These impressions are taken to maintain the accuracy of the chewing position.

What advantages one can get from basal implants?

Here’s the reason why basal implants are way far better than the traditional ones.

  • One of the major reason behind the success of basal implant is they can be installed in just one day. So one doesn’t have to go for multiple sessions for teeth fixing.
  • Being a single piece implant there is no chance of it getting loosen.
  • Being an immediate loading implant, it allows the crown or bridge to be placed within 3 to 4 days after the implant.
  • Basal implants are conducted by using key-hole technique. As no surgical procedure is used to fix the teeth, the blood loss will be less by almost 80%. Also as this a minimally invasive process, the recovery time will be much faster. According to dentists, one can start having normal food within 2 to 3 days.
  • Basal implants have given successful results for diabetes patients, smokers and high-pressure patients.
  • The basal cortical implant condenses the soft bone, thereby the resulting bone from the treatment will be strong and steady.

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