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Full arch replacement solution in tamilnadu/India

Date :21-Feb-2020

Mobility teeth extraction and implant in Tamilnadu/India

Date :19-Feb-2020

front teeth replacement in chennai/India

Date :19-Feb-2020

Replace your missing teeth dental implants in chennai, India

Date :30-Jan-2020

Zirconium Implantology specialists in chennai, India

Date :20-Jan-2020

Cost and expenses in dental implants in chennai, India

Date :20-Jan-2020

Same day permanent teeth with dental implants in chennai,India

Date :19-Jan-2020

Compare prices & check reviews for full mouth dental implants in chennai,India

Date :12-Jan-2020

Permanent Afforable solution for Full mouth in chennai,india

Date :10-Jan-2020

Take selfie with confident smile

Date :09-Jan-2020

Full mouth fixed teeth with dental implants in india

Date :26-Dec-2019

Cyst removal and dental implants in chennai, India

Date :24-Dec-2019

Digital dentistry for dental implants in chennai, India

Date :23-Dec-2019

Dental implants for multiple missing teeth in chennai, india.

Date :20-Dec-2019

Cost of full mouth dental implants in chennai, India

Date :18-Dec-2019


Date :17-Dec-2019

Smile is important at any age, restore your smile with dental implants in chennai, India

Date :16-Dec-2019

Confident smile with dental implants in porur, chennai

Date :16-Dec-2019

A smile makeover in a day

Date :14-Dec-2019

           Young patient complaints of malaligned teeth with crowding and told he was not confident in his smile and wants to correct it. After complete clinical and radiographic examination, a treatment plan was discussed with the patient to extract his upper canines and digital smile designing for his upper and lower front teeth. After the treatment patient felt happy and gave a confident smile.                                   Happy patient after the tretament  

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Date :14-Dec-2019

Given her smile back in a day

Date :14-Dec-2019

Basal Dental Implant for Boneless patients

Date :06-Dec-2019

Complete teeth replacement with Basal Dental Implants in chennai in three days

Date :03-Dec-2019

Dental Implants: Bane Or Boon?

Date :18-Nov-2018

A graceful smile is part of your identity. A healthy set of teeth is the attribute of an attractive and charming smile. Sadly, not everyone has teeth that are healthy. Lack of proper oral hygiene and the intake of excess amount of junk food like candies, toffees etc has an adverse effect on the overall oral health. Such a lifestyle could cause dental problems like cavities, tooth decays, bleeding of gums and various other issues as well. This could lead to situations where you will have to go for tooth replacement procedures as well. Speaking of which, the dental implants are one of the most p

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Are Dental Implants The Better Option?

Date :18-Sep-2018

Dental implants are a replacement for a tooth or tooth roots. A major fraction of people in India suffer from various kinds of dental issues. Implants can be a solution for many of such problems. The implants are made of titanium or titanium alloy because they integrate into the bones causing no infections.   WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS? To put it simply, if you have a bad tooth, it is pulled out, and an implant helps to replace the missing teeth. Now to the details. Implants are devices which replace the roots of missing teeth. They are used to support crowns or bridges. Implants are s

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BOI Implants- the most advanced system within the group of Basal Implants

Date :14-Aug-2018

Nowadays dental implants have become one of the most established dental treatment modalities for the rehabilitation of lost teeth and their function. Dentists offer different treatment plans and the patients can decide between the options available and suitable for them. Most treatment providers provide a full overview of the treatment possibilities currently available for the patients to get the desired treatment today. In general, the dental implants protocol includes several steps and a long waiting (healing) time. The patients have to wait for some time before the prosthesis is fabricated

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SAY CHEESE !!! : Advantages Of Laser Teeth Whitening

Date :07-Jul-2018

Who doesn't love to smile?That smile of yours reflects the soul. Something that adds charm to your smile is, of course, your teeth. Is something yellow getting in the way of you radiating that pretty smile of yours? Worry not!Whitening toothpaste, rinse, strips and gels are usually sought by people to brighten their teeth. If these don't work out as expected people turn to laser teeth bleaching. We at Chinthamani Dental Care provides the best laser teeth whitening in Chennai. Our expert dental team and the state of the art modern equipment provide the best carefree environment for your tre

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Date :01-Jun-2018

Are you too scared about the dental procedures you have to go through? Fear not anymore. Sleep dentistry, the new trend in dentistry is making a big move to help you seek out the best solution for the same. Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry is the practice of using medications to help the patients relax or even goto a mild sleep(when they are provided with general dental anesthesia) during dental procedures. This can help out a lot of people who have their particular phobia towards dental procedures and instruments. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, the best in sleep de

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It is time to improve your Smile

Date :11-May-2018

It is a general desire of all of us to make our smile beautiful and alluring. Without having an appealing smile, most of us are hesitant in public, because smile graces one’s looks. A beautiful and healthy smile improves confidence level within you. Nowadays, there are myriad of treatments have emerged out to design your smile as you wish. Smile designing is a mix of multiple procedures and the Smile design dentist will recommend the right option to glorify your smile. Some of the most popular smile design treatments that improve your smile are: Laser Teeth Whitening: It is an effectiv

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Flap Surgery : Facts To Be Known

Date :01-Apr-2018

Dental hygiene and care are one of the concerns of not only moms for their kids but for all. And sometimes, mere care may not be sufficient, instead, treatments and many procedures must be followed so as to assure the health of your teeth, gums, and bones. Fret not, for Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Center is here as your best solution for all the periodontal Disease treatment in Tamilnadu. Flap surgeries are used to separate the gums from the teeth and folded back to form a flap temporarily. Flap surgeries are done in cases to treat the periodontitis, popularly known as gum dis

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Magic of ALL – ON – 4 Dental Implants

Date :27-Feb-2018

The mechanism of All on 4 Dental Implants is extensive impressive in medical science because of the full arch of tooth set prosthesis and fixed on mere 4 implants only where 4 implants place on the upper side jaw and rest of 4 implants on the lower side jaw. Here, the entire set of tooth adjoined and interconnected with each other in a form of a frame that gets fixed with special nut bolts. The twelve sets of teeth angled on the upper side and the twelve set on the lower side. Best treatment of ALL – ON – 4 Dental Implants at Chennai:- Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implan

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Tooth Filling With Best Care In Chennai

Date :24-Jan-2018

What is Tooth Filling? Generally, people require at least one tooth filling in their life. Tooth Filling is mostly used to cure cavities, broken and cracked teeth or destroyed or deteriorate teeth. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implant Centre is one of the best dental clinics in Chennai for especially for Tooth Filling procedure. What is the procedure of Tooth Filling? The procedure of Tooth Filling include Numb the affected area of treatment with anesthesia   Remove the affected teeth Restoration of tooth with a composite or amalgam filling Checking of teeth

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Basal Implants

Date :21-Dec-2017

A smile is worth a million words. When decayed or broken tooth force you to veil that beauty, realise that it’s time to pay a visit to your dental consultant. For patients who have severely damaged or missing teeth, full mouth rehabilitation would be an ideal option. Scope Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation Replacing missing tooth  Replacing broken, decayed tooth  In case of TMJ disorders Improving appearance Improving dental health Full Mouth Rehabilitation Technique Involves 8 implants in upper jaw and 6 implants in the lower jaw – for patients with strong bone st

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Smile Makeover: Keep Smiling Confidently

Date :30-Nov-2017

Smile DesignUsually a smile makeover procedure is the combination of several cosmetic dentistry techniques which prominently focuses on improving the appearance of smile. The procedure for smile makeover will begin only after treating the existing oral health problems if any, before going for a smile makeover. A smile makeover mainly concentrate in enhancing an individual’s facial appearance which includes color of the facial hair, skin tone, teeth color, teeth length and shape, tooth display, gum tissue and lips. It is a non-invasive alternative to modify the look and features of the f

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Love Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Date :19-Oct-2017

What do you see when you look at your smile in a mirror, – a flawless smile or a mouth full of cracked, chipped, and discolored tooth? If your answer is the latter, it’s the time to think about a full-mouth reconstruction plan. Full-Mouth Reconstruction! What is it for? Full-mouth reconstruction is the best solution to address the issues of the entire smile. Check the following to know it is not just a treatment but got a lot more to provide: Dental Crowns Implant supported tooth replacement Fixed bridges Orthodontics with Invisalign Dentures Tooth-colored fillings Gum r

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Date :18-Sep-2017

Rehabilitation of partially and completely edentulous patients with help of basal implant has become a widely accepted treatment option. When to think about Full Mouth Reconstruction The need for this dental treatment may result from: For treating injured or fractured tooth For treating tooth loss due to decay or trauma  For treating ongoing complaints of jaw, muscle, and other tooth-related issues For treating the tooth which is severely worn due to acid erosion caused by foods, beverages, acid reflux or tooth grinding What is being done before the process? If you think you n

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Laser Dentistry – Dental Treatments Now Made Easier

Date :01-Aug-2017

Although in existence since the 1990s, laser dentistry has achieved immense popularity in the recent years. The use of laser (Light Amplification by Stimulation and Emission of Radiation) in dental procedures has increased their accuracy and efficiency in these procedures. The advent of laser in dentistry has ensured that dental procedures are no longer dreaded for the pain and bleeding associated with the convention treatment procedures of yesteryear. They have also aided in raising the standards of comfort and safety in dental procedures. The efficiency of any treatment procedure depen

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Cosmetic Dentistry : Helps To Release Beauty Of Your Smile

Date :29-Jul-2017

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental work which improves the appearance of teeth, gums, complete mouth feel and bites. It primarily focuses on improvement of the dental aesthetics in terms of colour, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. What does cosmetic dentistry involve? Cosmetic dentistry involves the following: The addition of some type of dental material either to the teeth or gums like bonding, laminates, crowns and gum grafts.   The removal of tooth structure or gums like enameloplasty and gingivectomy  Procedures like teeth whitenin

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Best Way to Get Perfect Smile

Date :23-Feb-2017

It is not always the teeth that affects the Beauty of Your Smile. A lot of gum peeking out, or no gum at all visible during a smile can affect the beauty as well. Not just beauty it affects your confidence more. A dip in confidence reflects in the total body language and thereby the personality. It’s time to bid adieu to gummy smiles. Gum contouring is the latest technique in smile design to eliminate the concerns owing to gum and smiles. Gum contouring, also known as tissue sculpting or gum reshaping is a treatment technique in which, the gum tissues are shaped and trimmed in a strai

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Advantages Of Basal Implants

Date :23-Aug-2016

One of the biggest revolutions made in the history of dentistry is basal implants. These are used to fix the teeth without conducting bone grafting or bone augmentation. The aim of these implants is to restore the teeth even in the worst cases. Due to their unique structure and size, basal implants can restore the actual teeth structure even if there are no teeth.There are basically two types of basal implants- one is the Basal osseointegrated implants and the other is the basal cortical implant. Both the implants are placed using local anaesthesia and key-hole technique, and once the implant

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Laser Treatment For gum Diseases

Date :19-Jul-2016

Oral health is a window to your overall health. Problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body.  So it’s important to take care of your teeth and gums. Gum disease may contribute to the development of heart diseases. Laser treatment is the best way to treat gum diseases. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic provides a complete solution for all your dental problems.  Gum disease is an inflammation or infection of the gum that spreads on to the bone that surrounds the teeth. Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. It is usually affected on adults who are in their m

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in India

Date :23-Jun-2016

Restore Your Smile With Dental ImplantsDo you have multiple dental issues? Do you have broken teeth? Don’t worry. Full mouth rehabilitation is the complete solution for all your dental issues. It helps you to get a fresh look and build your confidence. Full mouth rehabilitation is the process of reconstructing or rebuilding of all your teeth to get a new look and to correct all the teeth deformities. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic is one of the best dental implant center in India, offering a full mouth rehabilitation with an affordable price. Objectives Restore impaired occlusal fun

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