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Flap Surgery : Facts To Be Known

Date :01-Apr-2018

Dental hygiene and care are one of the concerns of not only moms for their kids but for all. And sometimes, mere care may not be sufficient, instead, treatments and many procedures must be followed so as to assure the health of your teeth, gums, and bones. Fret not, for Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Center is here as your best solution for all the periodontal Disease treatment in Tamilnadu. flap surgery in chennai Flap surgeries are used to separate the gums from the teeth and folded back to form a flap temporarily. Flap surgeries are done in cases to treat the periodontitis, popularly known as gum disease. When antibiotics and other medications do not bring out the required results, flap- surgery is preferred as the next step. Flap surgery is done as a pre-treatment to many procedures wherein the dentist wants to reach the roots or the bones for a detailed examination or for a deep treatment procedure. flap surgery in chennai We, at Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Center, take the delicate and appropriate effort to care your teeth as much as important as they are with Flap Surgery in Chennai. To begin with, the dentist starts the procedure with the local anaesthetic injection to make the jaws numb. Later using a scalpel, the gums are separated from the teeth and they are folded back to for the flap. Now, the dentist has perfect access to the roots and the bones. The defects in the bones or the roots are cleared and the appropriate procedure is done to solve the issue. The bone may be reshaped or polished so as to avoid spaces for plaque to develop. After it has been done, the dentist removes the flap of the gums and attach them back to the teeth by surgical stitches. In cases of bleeding or swelling, do intimate our doctors, because Chinthamani clinic provides the patients with the best after-care hospitality. Further infections can be avoided by keeping the teeth and gums in perfect hygiene. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Center in Chennai find it our responsibility to care the patients who trust and seek help from us. Our happiness lies in yours. contact us Mail us @

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