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Pain Free Dentistry

Do you have an anxiety over going to dentist’s office? Are you scared of injections?

Our ultimate aim is to make your time spent in the dentist’s office a happy experience.

Inhalation sedation provides a path free from fear; it makes dental appointment a pleasant experience. The sedation dentistry option can be a first step in obtaining treatment for a healthy, beautiful smile. If you choose sedation, this can pretty much eliminate you anxiety about troubles from the dental procedure, if that’s what you are afraid of.

Sleep dentistry is a method designed for patients who dread going to dentist’s office. If you choose sedation, this can wholly eliminate your anxiety about troubles from the dental procedures that have difficulty with their gag reflex, and have very sensitive teeth, if that’s what you are afraid of. Sleep dentistry guarantees pain-free and anxiety-feel dental procedures in one session, reducing the number of visits a patient makes to the dental office.

Inhalation conscious sedation dentistry is one of the most common sedation technique used and it is also known as laughing gas. In this type of method dental procedures are performed with conscious sedation administered by the inhalation routes. Patients recover quickly and may leave the dental office alone and immediately resume their normal daily activities.

Our doctors are striving hard to provide our patients with the most extensive dentistry options.  We provide the most advanced state-of-the art technology in the town. Our hospital has removed the pain and discomfort of hundreds of patients, allowing us to make the dental experience more comfortable and stress-free for our patients.


Authored by Dr. C. Murugavel, M.D.S

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