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Laser Dentistry – Dental Treatments Now Made Easier

Date :01-Aug-2017

Although in existence since the 1990s, laser dentistry has achieved immense popularity in the recent years. The use of laser (Light Amplification by Stimulation and Emission of Radiation) in dental procedures has increased their accuracy and efficiency in these procedures.

The advent of laser in dentistry has ensured that dental procedures are no longer dreaded for the pain and bleeding associated with the convention treatment procedures of yesteryear. They have also aided in raising the standards of comfort and safety in dental procedures.


  • The efficiency of any treatment procedure depends greatly on the skill of our doctor, the technology and the equipment used. At Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic, we ensure you the best dental care in Chennai with the latest and FDA approved equipment and infrastructure.
    Now, let’s have a quick overview of the popular laser dentistry methods at Chinthamani.
  • Crown Lengthening
    Gummy smiles can severely affect our beauty and confidence. With crown lengthening procedures in laser dentistry, this issue can be taken care of easily by removing the gums and bone tissues to make the teeth appear longer.
  • Desensitization Dental Laser
    Tooth sensitivity is a common and rather disturbing problem among us today. Laser dentistry offers an effective, faster and cheaper solution to sensitivity issues due to gum diseases, enamel erosion, tooth fractures, gum recession and tooth grinding.
  • Flap surgery
    Laser assisted flap surgery is another popular dental technique that has made periodontal care easier. They help in faster curing and recovery from gum diseases such as gingivitis.

  • Laser assisted root canal treatment
    Root canal treatment has been simplified and less painful by incorporation of laser in the technique. It helps in faster root canal procedures with minimal swelling, pain and bleeding. 
  • Smile makeover with laser dentistry
    Laser now offers a solution to a number of our orthodontic, endodontic and periodontal woes with smile makeover techniques, which are aesthetically enriching.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Do not usually need stitches
  • Many procedures can be conducted without anaesthesia
  • Minimizes bleeding
  • Minimizes bacterial infection
  • Faster healing   
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues

Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic offers the best dental care solutions for a variety of dental problems and smile makeovers.

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