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Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic

Recently I visited Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic at Ayyappanthangal, Porur, Chennai-116, for consulting Dr.Anjali in connection with the Dental Treatment of my wife. The entire team Doctors took special care and doctors who attended to me were very friendly and guiding me in every ways possible. This is one of my self experience in the medical field. The price was comparatively cheaper and had a good hospitality. The hospital/clinic had all modern advanced equipments, very sophisticated. After observing their talent, I decided to get the treatment for her Dental problem in this institution. I wish them all success in this field.

Mis. Anu Diana

I have been suffering from gum bleeding problem and my friend refered me to chinthamani laser dental clinic. Dr.murugavel and his team were very welcoming and explained me about my gum problem clearly.They gave me option of laser gum therapy and i agreed without any second thought.With just 2 sittings i began to realise the reduction of my bleeding gums and the gums looked healthier than ever.I personally thank dr.murugavel and his team for changing my fear into a pleasant experience visiting the clinic.

Mr. Ram Kumar

The doctors explain about our problem in detail and also about the treatment options,They even discuss about the fees structure,during the initial visit.They look very geniune and tranparent.And the treatment fees is also not high compared to big dental centers.I have visited 3 big dental hospital in mount road for a single dental implant treatement,where they told it will cost between 25000 to 40000.but here i got the same treatment for 10000. and additional 3000 for crown.I strongly recommend this clinic , if u want a good treatment at affordable rates and also the doctors are geniune and reliable.but dont expect any porsch interiors.the one thing i like is you can any doubts to the doctors,they explain patiently in detail.which in so many clinic they are not doing.

Mr. Srinivas Perumal

I went to this clinic with a missing teeth in my lower jaw. which was a key tooth to chew foods. they have given me best options and rates. and i have chosen implants to replace it. it was half the amount when compare to other clinics. and im satisfied with their treatment now i stared to chew on that side it is absolutely fine.

Ganesh Narayanan

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and express my gratitude to the doctors at Chintamani Laser Dental Clinic, Iyyapanthangal, Chennai, for providing excellent dental care and resolving the underlying issues. I visited them during the month of March 2014, with severe periodontal issues and a shaky front tooth. My visit started with an informal call, which was duly forwarded to Dr Sangeetha. I was given a thorough explanation of the various procedures that I needed to undergo for restoration, along with associated costs and timeline. Dr Sangeetha did the implant and the crown, and Dr Sadhana did the laser surgery (LANAP) for periodontal issues. Both, Drs Sangeetha and Sadhana, are dedicated, highly skilled, determined, intelligent and hard working professionals, who strive for perfection and extremely patient to listen and address my questions.

My dental problems are gone now, through excellent care provided by the doctors at Chintamani Laser Dental Clinic, and I would certainly recommend them for any of your dental needs. Thank you Drs. Sangeetha, Sadhana, Padma, Sivapriya, Naveen ; Executive assistant, Premalatha and dental technicians, without all of your coordinated work, my dental needs would not have been taken care of, and I am happy that I came across your website and get to know all of you. I wish you all a success in your future endeavor

My fellow dental patients, I would certainly recommend, Chintamani laser dental clinic, for all of your dental needs and I am confident, all of your dental needs will be properly, patiently and efficiently addressed by the able doctors at Chintamani laser dental. If I can be of further help regarding this, please feel to contact me through email or phone.


I have undergone for rootcanal and dental implants treatment at Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic

T.Roger Nareen

How did you feel :
1. The treatment was very good and feel very happy with the entire process.
2. Right from setting appointment,having root canal, visits for everything been good and am happy with the service.
3. The ambiance inside the clinic, the approach of the doctor, attendants and reception was wonderful.
Treated for : crown fixing<


How did you feel : All doctors and the receptionist are very friendly and always available.

Treated for : ortho


How did you feel : Experiance was good. Handing of customer were very good. Explanation of all issue were of atmost useful till recommend to other also.

Treated for : crown fixing


How did you feel : Feeling good. I feel secured and confident to undergo a treatment under an experience doctors and professional.

Treated for : crown fixing

Bharathy chandramohan

How did you feel : Amazing. I never expected this much of pleasing experience in this locality. This is great service to attitude. Its a wow experience.

Treated for : Teeth Extraction


How did you feel : Felt good is very supportive static. Doctor explain the problem very clearly helps to understand the issue.

Treated for : Dental Implants

Pankaj Hazmika

How did you feel : I felt okay and comfortable. I had been to other dental clinic but this is the best so far since everything is carried out and done in a very hygienic and scientific way I felt so confident. Moreover the behavior and hospitality is really great.

Treated for : scaling

Sumithra Vijayakumar

How did you feel : Excellent hospitality; Given complete description about problem; given the treatment & process. All the staff given great comfort to patient & attender during treatment & stay at clinic.

K. Rameswaran , f/o R.Vaishnavi

How did you feel :

1. Happy with my daughter treatment clear in her treatment approach

3.Treatment is done short duration & doughter is looking perfect.Thank you once again


How did you feel: Now I am feeling better.Thanks for your Team (Doctor). I recover my smile so thanks once again.

Manoj Kumar

How did you feel: I m feeling much better from the past. I was afraid about the procedure but the Doctor are so good and the treatment was painless thanks for your treatment.

Mrs.Andal Sriraman

How did you feel: I feel happy about treatment and aftercare. Each one of your doctors and staff are very caring and the service is execellent. Thank you

Treated for: Dental Implants

S Soondarapandian

How did you feel: I feel very best service and also quality. After treatment the follow up is very good.

Treated for: Crown / extraction

A K Ganesh

How did you feel: Awesome. Quick response. Very nice atmosphere that the doctors provide so that even for the first time I had a very minimal fear.

Treated for: Scaling

K M Parvathi / Saichaithaya

How did you feel: Everything is fine. I never felt I am corning to a doctor to cure my illness. Problems were solved at ease.

Treated for: Crown

Golda Titus

How did you feel : I felt very comfort and all are having pleasing personality. I feel very safe and secure to come here to get the treatment.

Treated for : Extraction

G Yuvraj

How did you feel : Very good performance. I am feeling very good with your treatment.

Treated for : Dental Implant

R Lalitha

How did you feel : Good reception, good service to the patient as well as with accompanying person

Treated for : Implant

Mrs. P Jagadammal

How did you feel : The service provided by you is excellent

Treated for: Implant

Shivu R

How did you feel : I was satisfied your treatment and with good communication I was happy with the treatment.


How did you feel : I feel the doctors are very good. I like their behaviour

Treated for : Implant

B Mahesh Kumar

How did you feel: Life is all about meeting good people. I am so lucky that I met group of people with the most kindest heart. I am really astonished at your patience and care towards me. Since I am also in the medicine field, you people were really a role model to me. Thanks a lot.

Treated for: Crown Fixing/p>

Kaushik Pandey

How do you feel : It is very comfortable and there are no more pain during cleaning and all persons behaviour also very nice.

Treated for :  Scaling<

Sreesha Nambiar PV

How do you feel : Very friendly, all procedures are explained properly. No issues

Treated for : Dental Implant

S B Kavitha

How do you feel : I feel very happy pleasant place. The persons are very affordable. According to my comfort they are making the appointments.

Treated for : LANAP

Prince (Bhavia)

How do you feel : Very happy with the way the entire procedure was done, all were very friendly and did the procedure with ease. Very satisfied and feel they are very caring. Thanks for all of you

Treated for : Filling


How do you feel : I feel very comfortable after removing teeth the treatment given by doctor and, her advise is very good. I really appreciated the care shown by the doctor. Dr. Padma's care to patient is highly appreciated.

Treated for : Root Canal Treatment


How do you feel : Doctors are too good. They explain each and every step. They make me comfortable.

Lavanya Dass

How do you feel : Good follow up with the patients after treatment/surgery. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and ready to help.

Treated for : Crown Fixing


How do you feel : I feel an excellent work done by the team of Doctors.


How do you feel : I feel very happy.You're receiving is very nice.

Treated for : Crown

J. Sheela Jonce

How do you feel : Treatment with out pain is very good. All are very kind and smile.

Treated for : Crown Fixing


How do you feel : Happy for your treatments

Treated for : Filling


How did you feel : Very good Reception by all the staff including Doctor to Nurses.

Special thanks to Doctor- always encourages & given feel better.

Mrs.Chandrika Jayakumar

How did you feel : I feel homely and fine.

Mrs.Chandrika Jayakumar

S.Amal Keeta

How did you feel : Ya very nice you people are very caring and superb. I like your way of treatment. I like very much thank you.

S.Amal Keeta

S Arjun

How did you feel : I was worried about my problem. When I met your doctor and I feel free because she treated well and she communicated with a good manner. Her treatment also very well.

S Arjun

V Jagannathan

How did you feel: Great. Good customer care approach by front office staff and Dr.Naveen. (Thanks for accommodating quick appointment). Detailed and caring explanation by Dr.Naveen. I came from sriperumbudur to meet Dr. Naveen

Treated for: Crown fixing

Pandian K

How did you feel: Very comfortable. Everything is just right and excellent. Customers are being respected and I would recommend to my friends as well. I am very much comfortable with Dr. Navin especially. All other staffs are also good.

Ujjwal Kumar Das

How did you feel: I feel very comfort and peace. That I have got a very good suggestion and proper guide from the Doctor and all the staff.

Treated for: Extraction

V. Arul Sing

How do you feel : Great, feeling wonderful no pain at all. Awesome work.

Treated for : Extraction


How do you feel : The way the staff behaves and approach the patients is fantastic. The follow up is also great keep it up.

Treated for : Extraction

Karthikeyan. M

How do you feel : It's a very good clinic for implant treatment.

Treated for : implant


How do you feel : I feel good and comfortable.

Treated for : Extraction

S Kamail


S. Kannappan

M Sivasubramanian

M. R. Narayanan


N. Rajendran


16th Feb 2014
I had undergone route canal treatment & tooth implantation at the “Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic” - recently.
The treatment was so nice ,such a way that I didn’t feel any pain by that time and now I feel fully recovered also I got my youngest feeling.
The doctor are so nice and kind enough with – during the treatment.
I will pray god for the success of Doctor's growth in their life for their best service.
With best regards .

Lakshmanan Raj

I have undergone dental implant in Chinthamnai Dental Clinic in Ayyappathangal. The treatment was so good and the doctors who attended to me were very friendly and guiding me in every ways possible. This is one of my self experience in the medical field. The price was comparatively cheaper and had a good hospitality. The hospital/clinic had all modern advanced equipments, very sophisticated. I did not face any pain during the treatment. Doctors have taken every steps to keep me cool.

I strongly recommend this clinic to all of my friends, relatives and colleagues.


Murugaraj Shanmugam

I visited your Clinic on Saturday (06-06-2015) accompanied by my wife. Dr. Anjali, gave me a very nice hearing and explained in a nice manner about the advance techniques applied by them in implant of teeth, gum treatment. I am very happy that such a reputed institution is at Porur and serving for the betterment of suffering from Dental problems, particularly aged and diabetic patients. I wish them all success in their future endeavor.

Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic

Recently I visited Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic at Ayyappanthangal, Porur, Chennai-116, for consulting Dr.Anjali in connection with the Dental Treatment of my wife. The entire team Doctors took special care and doctors who attended to me were very friendly and guiding me in every ways possible. This is one of my self experience in the medical field. The price was comparatively cheaper and had a good hospitality. The hospital/clinic had all modern advanced equipments, very sophisticated. After observing their talent, I decided to get the treatment for her Dental problem in this institution. I wish them all success in this field.

Victor from UK

After struggling with teeth problems over the years, I finally decided to get implants so as to avoid any further problems. I scoured the Internet for suitable implants at home but was surprised to find the cost was horrendously high at £2,400 per implant without the abutment or the tooth and then decided to look further afield.

Searching the Internet the name Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Centre kept coming up and the more I read, I knew this was the one I should use.  I contacted the clinic and corresponded with Dr Anjali who also happened to be one of the Doctors taking care of me as a patient.  After several emails later I decided I wanted the treatment done in this Clinic and made arrangements for my trip there.

I arrived at 08:30 am via Emirates And there awaiting for me was Paul  one of the managers from the clinic who escorted me to a hotel and gave me the instructions of what to do on the afternoon. After some X-rays I was sent home and told to come back the next day which I did and found out I needed more work than I thought I did.  I required 8 extractions, 13 implants, 4 root canal treatments 4 crowns and 24 teeth.  At first I thought, this is going to be expensive as I chose the best implants and the best teeth but surprised when the total bill including airfare and hotel came to just over £7,000.

The first stage was the injection into the gums which was pre medicated with a numbing gel so as the needle entering the gum is not felt worked great and the amount of numbing medication is injected using a computer.  The next stage was the extractions and implants which took roughly 2-1/2 hrs to perform and I didn't feel a thing. Dr Murgavel who is the lead implantologist performed both the extractions and the implant surgery was excellent as were his team.  The rest of the dentistry took course over the rest of my stay in India with some great sightseeing.

I would strongly recommend the Chinthamani Laser Dental clinic and Implant Clinic to anyone who requires dentistry at an affordable price.  The team in the clinic are excellent in every way both helpful and curtious always having time to assist in any way possibly.

I would like to thank all the team for their professional contribution to allow me to smile with confidence especially, Dr Murgavel, Dr Anjali, Dr Suthi, Dr Padmavathy, Mr Paul

Ahmed Nazir

I decided to have implants done by Best laser dental after reading alot of positive reviews.
I then contacted them by phone and made appointment. Since I was flying from Dubai they made sure I was received in the airport and also arranged my hotel booking.
This was a different all together. A very professional clinic with professional staffs and doctors. They will really take good care of their customers.
The implants was done and completed satisfactory.
I will recommend best laser dental clinic with a 100% confidence.
Thank you all for your support and great service.

Roslyn Rousseau

Technically advanced dentistry. I am amazed & delighted with my brilliant new smile! I am ever grateful to Dr Murugravel and Dr Anjali. Friendly, caring and most importantly, highly professional in everything they do. It comes from the heart.

In Australia you pay Ferrari prices and get a Holden Barina. Here you pay Holden Barina prices and you get a Ferrari! Well worth the trip from Australia.

Mohan from Australia

Guys I do not think you can get any other better place for an ONE STOP TREATMENT FOR ALL DENTAL ISSUES as this clinic. Both my wife and I went there with the reviews I read on line. No regrets. We are from Perth Australia.

We were well advised from the arrival at the Chennai airport .We were greeted by the staff from the clinic Ms Gomathi and Mrs Jeyalakshmi. WE were taken to a hotel accompanied by both of them. It was during midnight. They both stayed with us till we were settled down. Thank you Gomathi and Mrs Jeyalakshmi.

Treatment: We were well taken care of. Very good mannerism . Very professional . The most important thing that was amazing was the Painless treatment. Dr Anjali as the head of the clinic made sure all work done are to meet our need.
Dr Murugavel placed all the implants for both of us. We were amazed about the same day implant. Yes it was done.
Dr Pathmavathy, Dr Divya ,Dr Dina and Dr Devika you guys were amazing,You guys were very professional.The little bit of waiting was a challenge though but the end result outweighs everything else. After long time I am able enjoy my chewing.

Dr Anjali and your team thank you very much for the laser treatment for my wife.Not forgetting all the pleasant approach and services by all supporting staff of the clinic.

Kenneth Haylan

The treatment was implants for all upper and lower teeth on a retired Australian male over 70. The outstanding feature was the professional and thorough approach taken by all members of the staff. The Clinic Head was not satisfied with the initial set of the teeth so all that work was repeated at no additional cost. I am very pleased with the final result more so as the cost, even with travel and accommodation added in, was significantly less than the cost of identical treatment in Australia. I would recommend this clinic to any person contemplating implants or other major dental treatment.

Rahul Chandran

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