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Laser assisted root Canal treatment

Root canal is one of the most familiar dental procedures for individuals. It is the procedure which intends to treat the infection at the centre of a tooth root canal system. It is otherwise known as ‘Endodontics’. When the tooth gets infected, it slowly spreads to the other parts of the tooth. Even though the tooth appears simple, it has a complex structure. When it gets infected, the other parts are also at danger. If the infection becomes severe, it also affects the root. In order to prevent the infection spreading to the other teeth, the dentist will suggest a root canal.

  Laser has conquered almost all the fields of medicine; especially dentistry. As a result, it has been also introduced to the procedure called root canal. Using laser in root canal treatment is another effective and painless way. This is a simple procedure which can save your teeth from decaying. The procedure involves cleaning the root canal and sterilizing the root of the teeth. The infected tissue will also be removed. Lasers are directed to the tooth root and it cleans and sterilizes the area. Infected tissues are burned using the laser. The risks of conventional root canal procedure will be less in laser root canal. There will be minimal bleeding and swelling. Post-operative care and time etc. are less for laser root canal.

Authored by Dr. C. Murugavel, M.D.S

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